Wolf Pack Writers is a group of writers highly concerned about climate change that want to use their writing skills to help the fight to save the planet.

Our Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/WY1ex7GP/wolf-pack-writers Trello

We are a cadre of writers from the California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch: CWC Berkeley.

We will write articles and stories, edit works, and write brochures and promotional pieces for others engaged in the fight.

Manifestooo Howl for climate action. We need people to provide a vision of what the world will be like when we stop the warming. Too much of the discussion is scare tactics. We can do this, and it will be better when we do.

Sections of this wiki:

Action Get off your duff and go do something. Here are some sites with suggestions.

Resources Organizations and writings that address climate change,

Propaganda In order to counter the propaganda from those opposed to the effort we need to understand how it works.

Craft To help the work, let's help each other learn to do it better.

Stuff Writings, videos and other material relevant to the topic. Good material to motivate (or feel guilty if you haven't done enough.

Affiliated Organizations The good guys.

About wolves: https://www.livingwithwolves.org